Open Joinery Mirror

Open Joinery Mirror


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When our lead designer, Kasey, was working on his Smart Mirror Open Joinery Design, he wanted to create something that would be not only beautiful to the eye, but also engaging for the mind as well.  The principle of Joinery projects are that they are designed in such a way that there is no need for glue or nails.  Each piece is designed to be an integral part of the whole with the entire structure falling apart if the parts are not there in their entirety.

This piece is no exception, from the oil-rubbed hardwood supports to the individually crafted pins, each component is responsible for the resilience of the structure, sharing the stress of rigidity with the whole.  While designed for the weight and rigors of use as a Smart Mirror, this design uses purpose-designed laser-cut parts to replace the electronics to retain the spirit of the original concept.

Despite it not having the technological flair of its older sibling, this mirror is still sure to stop guests in their tracks with it’s unique design and philosophy.  The Open Joinery Mirror is hand crafted just for you and is made so that it will stand the test of years of use.  It’s Your World, get a piece of it today.


  • As with all luxOmat products, each mirror is custom made specifically for you at the time you order
  • Sleek Japanese-inspired design
  • Your choice of hardwood hand-rubbed with teak oil
  • Wood matched pins are handmade, sanded, and oiled
  • Can easily be made to any size, ask for a free quote
  • Joinery design does not use any glues or nails,
  • Reflective glass, not acrylic, 6mm thick and easy to clean
  • Fully Assembled and ready to hang in your home, comes with hanging kit
  • Available in Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, and many others, ask if you don’t see it and we’ll get you a free quote
  • Free shipping in the continental 48 states

Fully Assembled


We can cut your kit out of whatever material you want, even if it’s not listed – drop us a note during Checkout and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Standard Dimensions

33″ tall x  23.5″ wide x 4.5″ deep inches

Orders will be shipped within 72 hours of order confirmation from us (we respond quickly but need to verify stock).

© luxOmat 2017  All rights reserved.

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Walnut, Oak, Mahogany


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