EZ Cable Management Nightstands RTA Kit

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EZ Cable Management Nightstands RTA Kit


luxO’s EZ Cable Management Nightstands solve problems that you didn’t even know you had

Motion Sensor LED

Mount this motion sensor LED light on the underside of your Nightstand so that you can see the shelves, but only when you need to

Power Strip

Mount this power strip on the inside of your Nightstand to keep power within close reach

USB Power Hub

Mount this USB hub on the inside of your Nightstand to charge all your devices from one place

Customize Dimensions

Adjust the height, width, and depth to fit your life

Customize Pattern

Add your own custom pattern here

Customize Material

Add your request for a custom material here

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Have you ever started out your morning by grabbing your phone off your nightstand, and knocking something off the edge with your charger cable? Have you ever ended your night by tipping over your wineglass with your tablet cord? How many times have you lost your laptop charger down in the thin crack between your nightstand and the wall? Got enough space for your lamp, tissues, books, magazines, coffee, tea, chapstick, and reading glasses?

Yeah. Mass produced nightstands just aren’t designed with this stuff in mind.

The EZ Nightstand fixes a LOT of those common problems, and a couple more, as well.

  • Cut-out guides for your chargers help keep cables organized and devices in close reach
  • Off-set front panels let light into the deepest parts of your shelf storage
  • Space is built into the design for setting up your power strip, USB charger hub and even a motion sensor LED strip (so you can see your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, without even bothering your partner!)

The BEST part is that they’re easy to mod and personalize, with large panels that are perfect for CNC carving, laser engraving or just your own art!

EZ Series

EZ luxOdesigns are awesome because they’re a breeze to put together – every piece is ready to put together and can be assembled with basic tools (drill or screwdriver, rubber mallet or stomping, glue or hopeful thinking).

RTA Kits

The luxOmat Ready-To-Assemble kit comes with everything you need. Just follow the easy instructions and make it yours!


Standard: Birch Ply

We can cut your kit out of whatever material you want, even if it’s not listed – just enter your adjustments in the Customize Material field above.


Select one of our pattern options or create your own. Start by uploading an image in the Customize Pattern field above. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the end result that you want.

Standard Dimensions*

20″ deep x 16″ wide x 24″ tall

You can modify how deep, wide, and/or tall your final design will be – just enter your adjustments in the Customize Dimensions field above.


luxOmat thinks you deserve something special. ANY luxOdesign can be customized to fit your specific needs for FREE. There are three ways to adjust your order:

  1. Hit the “Customize” button in the product listing and send us a note. The first 20 customers for each item will receive a FREE custom design adjustment by our in-house team of designers (AKA, the people who made the things in the first place).
  2. Download our easy-to-use SketchUp files, make the tweaks yourself, and send your new design back to us to create.
  3. Work with the original designer or your local Maker to get the design changes you want.

Orders will be shipped within 72 hours of order confirmation from us (we respond quickly but need to verify stock).
Orders are delivered in a flat-pack kit.


Want to class it up a little? Add a DIY Wood Furniture Finish Kit. Just buy the stain you want from Home Depot and the kit has everything you need to sand, stain and finish your new purchase!

No-worry clean up, just throw it out when you’re done!

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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