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What is optimized design?
A luxOdesign is a design that luxOmat has developed and optimized with the designer to make it consistent for any Maker to produce. A consistent system and framework allows a Maker to understand the amount of time, space, material, and set-up to construct each optimized design before they even start!

What can I do with optimized design?
A luxOdesign can be downloaded to your computer and modified almost any way you can think of. Adjust dimensions, add features or variations, or imagine a whole new look for the same core design.
In addition, luxOdesigns are designed to be easy to use when you are using a machine to fabricate your vision (CNC machines, 3D printers, laser cutters, etc.). A standard file format allows each design to be portable across a range of devices.

What can I do if I don’t live near a Maker Space or have my own machines?
Order a Ready-to-Assemble kit from us! We will prepare each piece of your design for flat-pack shipping, and you can assemble your final design from the comfort of your own home!

What exactly can I get made? Anything I want? Can you make me a Star Wars chess set? 
Anything we have a design for you can get, in whole or in part, according to your requirements. That being said, if you want us to make something with a trademarked or copyrighted image, like a Star Wars chess set, we won’t. We respect creator’s rights big and small.

That sounds crazy, why would someone pay $5,000 to make a wine bar?
Well, if you want the bar, you can design it, have us build it, pay a small fee of maybe 5%-10% to standardize it and then sell it. Now you have the bar you want and over time it might pay for itself or even make a little money, win-win!

HOW TO USE luxOdesigns

So what do I get if I buy a design?
You get the design in Sketchup format, as well as the VCarve, dwg or stl format if applicable, a Bill Of Materials listing the required materials, vendors and last known pricing and step-by-step instructions. You may even get gcode, depending on the product.

What program can I use to view and customize my design?
We like SketchUp and also use VCarve a lot!

What machines can I use to cut out my design?
Honestly, we use a non-standard home-brew machine that does all the things! You should be able to use a luxOdesign with most laser cutters, 3D printers, or CNC machines.

What machines can I use to embellish my design?
We can’t stop you from using literally any machine you want to embellish your item! We provide laser etching and CNC machine routing options for most luxOdesigns. Other cool machines that you might consider using would be a water jet cutter or a plasma cutter!

What materials can I use to cut out my design?
That depends a lot on the design! Check the design notes that come with your download, and also check out any updates that you might find in the Forum.




Why should I pay for a design when I can download it for free somewhere else?
You can! We encourage people to link to Thingiverse or Instructables if they have their design listed there. lux-O-mat is for people that don’t have the time or equipment to do it themselves, or want to make sure they don’t spend twice as much on materials. If you’re a maker who doesn’t need detailed instructions so you don’t waste time and material then you don’t need lux-O-mat for that design.

Someone probably has it on Pirate’s Bay or something, why don’t I just get it from someone who bought it?
Look at Louis CK: he released his stand up act without DRM and everyone said he would get robbed blind. He made millions. The fact is that if people appreciate someone’s work, they have no problem paying for it. It’s a small percentage that can’t or won’t pay for things. Humans aren’t as terrible as economists think.




Can I alter luxOmat designs?

Most definitely! We use a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Can I have luxOmat alter designs for me?
It can get complicated, can’t it?  It’s easiest to find what you want and decide if you want it as-is, or if you want changes made to it.  If you want changes but can’t do them yourself, you can:

  • Ask luxOmat to quote a price for design changes, created in-house
  • Contact the original designer (if they’re still active) and ask them for a quote



Can I sell luxOmat designs?

Can I sell items that I made from luxOmat designs?

Can I submit designs to share or sell on luxOmat?
Yes! Please do!

So if I buy a design, like a clock, and design an add-on to it like speakers, I can sell that if I want?
If the designer allows changes to their design then yes, otherwise we respect the designers wishes.

Can I sell a design for any amount of money? 
Of course! You set the level of compensation for your time, although that’s no guarantee anyone will buy it.

So I just send you this drawing I have and…
Not exactly! Submitting a design to be sold means submitting it in the proper format. Then, lux-O-mat figures out how much it will cost to make, the easiest way to make and assemble it, and we make one. Depending on the material or the complexity of the design it could be $20 for a spice rack to $5,000 for a custom maple wood wine bar with chiller and marble inlay.

What if I want to take down the design if I made it and want to stop offering it?
​We take it down, no problem.

Hey! I listed that on another site and someone just downloaded it and started selling it on your site! What are you going to do about it?
If there’s a question about the design’s origin, we will halt sales of the product while you work out rights. If you are the original creator, we will honor your design and choice to list it with us or not. If not, we will honor our agreement with the designer who had us certify it.

I have a CNC machine and a 3D printer and everything else I need to bang out these designs myself. Can I buy one of the designs and just start selling them?
Yes! We encourage smaller makers to add some income this way! However, bear in mind that every one sold has to have it’s own design purchased. You can’t buy one design for $5 and then make fifty of them – that’s outside the use of the license.

What if I do it anyway? 
lux-O-mat supports all designs and designers in our platform. If you are found to have illegally used the designs for profit, you can be sued in the appropriate venue for IP infringement and be forced to pay damages and legal costs. While the designer retains the rights to their designs, lux-O-mat owns the rights to the rest of the package.