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luxOmat optimizes designs from all over the world so that any maker can use them to get consistent results on time and on budget. This creates new opportunities for designers to market their ideas and products without expensive overhead or prototype costs, Makers to quickly turn designs into products, and end-customers can get new, cutting-edge designs with confidence that luxOmat guarantees their satisfaction.

Behind luxOmat is the revolutionary idea that in the near future the world will move away from large-scale mass manufacturing.
The economies of scale that have driven the industrial revolution of the past 30 years resulting in mass production at incredibly low cost are being usurped by the new technologies.
The centralization of resources in terms of capital, labor, land and raw materials is losing its relevance in the coming age of low-cost automation and additive manufacturing.
​luxOmat’s goal will be to encourage this flattening by growing local manufacturing of custom products for discerning patrons who value an exact fit for their lives as well as the personal connection with who is crafting their purchase.